Are you a new graphic designer looking to strengthen your creative edge, but you’re unsure where to begin? Or maybe you’ve landed your first job and are eager to develop your talents. Today, we’re chatting with Carolyn Karp, our Creative Lead, about her top tips for new graphic designers breaking into the field.

Watch Tutorials

Many companies, like Adobe, release annual updates, roll out new features, and launch new programs. Even as a seasoned graphic designer, it can be tough to stay on top of all the new features! Watching tutorials will help strengthen your design skills and help you work more efficiently. You can find lots of helpful videos on the specific program’s website or by searching it on YouTube or LinkedIn Learning.

Let Your Mind Rest

Being creative 100 percent of the time can be draining. Sometimes, the best inspiration comes from taking a break. If time allows, take a step away from the project you’re working on and pick it back up the following day. Giving your brain a rest will give you time to see the project in a new light and work through the creative block. It’ll also help prevent burnout, maintain focus, and give your eyes a rest- eye-drain is real for us computer-centric designers!

Connect with Other Designers

Not only does connecting with others in your field provide promising networking opportunities, but it’s helpful to get inspiration from the way other designers are creating brochures, videos, graphics, and more. Following other designers keeps you up on the latest styles and trends and can also serve as a good jumping off point for when you hit a creative block.