Our Story

While working in-house as a municipal public information officer, Laurie M. Ernest-Jones  always made time to volunteer and give back to her community. After serving on a nonprofit’s board of directors, the executive director asked her to help increase the organization’s brand awareness using newly secured grant dollars.

For two years, Laurie promoted this nonprofit while continuing to work full time. During that period, word of her work spread to others in the community. Before she knew it, she was dedicating her nights and weekends to helping nonprofits and companies fine tune their marketing and public relations strategies.

In 2010, she launched Conceptual Communications and quit her full-time job. Over the past 13 years, the firm has grown, representing cities along the eastern seaboard, public utilities improving our nation’s infrastructure, nonprofits that move mountains to assist those in need, and small to medium sized businesses at various stages.

There wasn’t a business plan or premeditated goal behind the firm’s founding. Conceptual Communications was simply the result of fulfilling the need to strengthen community. To this day, strengthening community remains our why. It’s at the center of every campaign we create and project we complete. After all, it’s part of our foundation and the very reason why we do the work we do.

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