Public Utilities

Supporting resilient infrastructure for future generations…

Stories about repairing and hardening aging infrastructure across the nation will certainly remain at the top of the news cycle for the foreseeable future. Through our experience working with public utilities, managing their public communications and community outreach efforts, we have gained a deep understanding of multi-layered projects that take years and tens of millions of dollars to complete.

Keeping the public informed with materials and messaging they can easily understand is something we’ve perfected. Getting the information into the hands of your customers and stakeholders at the right time via the right platform minimizes customer complaints and frustration levels. When people are informed, they are empowered because they understand the need for critical repairs and upgrades to protect their drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater systems.

Menu of services:

  • Targeted advertising campaigns
  • ADA compliance
  • Annual reports
  • Crisis communications
  • Developing and implementing public outreach campaigns
  • Event promotions
  • Branding services including logos, taglines, and positioning statements
  • Content development
  • Creative services (videos, flyers, signage, billboards, brochures, and other marketing collateral)
  • Public relations services
  • Social media and website management
  • On-hand assistance with public outreach meetings
  • Translation services (multiple languages)
  • Reporting on all public outreach efforts

Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority

City of Delray Beach Utilities Department