$40 Goes a Long Way


What better way to start the New Year, than with a feel good story – right?


We have Rev. Dr. Russ Ritchel, Jr., Pastor at First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale, to thank for this heartwarming story. His granddaughter Ellery, who is eight years old, wrote to Santa this year and asked for money so she could donate it to Shriners Hospital.


Shriners Hospital has been helping her little sister Shelby overcome a condition that impedes her ability to walk. Now that Shelby has seen terrific progress and is walking on her own, Ellery felt compelled to help other children who need the professional assistance and therapy Shriners Hostpital provides.


When she woke on Christmas morning to find $40 in cash in her stocking, she asked her mom about a sewing machine from Santa. Her mom, reminded her that in her letter to Santa she had asked for money so she could donate it to Shriners Hospital. She told Ellery that she could use the $40 to purchase her sewing machine or she could donate it to Shriners.


Ellery took a minute and determined that the money was for Shriners. She delivered her donation in person. Here is a media clip recapping her experience.