Your Next Off Site Presentation – Make Sure it Happens!


You have your Prezi or PowerPoint all ready to go and you are giving and off site presentation – here are a couple of quick things that often get overlooked.


#1: Don’t just ask if the room or building has wifi – also ask if there are any firewalls. Many times large corporations will put firewalls in place that prevent you from accessing sites like Go To Meeting or Prezi


#2: Projector Capabilities. Key questions to ask ahead of time: Does the projector hard connect to any computer? If a computer is not on site, does your computer have the proper portal? Is the cord from the projector to your computer long enough?


#3: Power is key. Always important to do a site visit or at the very least, ask for a floor plan and distance to the nearest power outlet. If you are unsure, always bring a 50 or 100 foot extension cord to be safe.


Happy Presenting!