As we wrote in last month’s blog, communication has adapted to keep up with our desire for real-time information. Digital media is flourishing now more than ever before, and the development of online programs, systems, and apps has evolved over the past decade. While traditional printed media continues to provide value, digital communications have improved accessibility and certainly increased reach.

Keep reading to get the inside scope on some of our favorite tools in the digital communications space.


While podcasts have been around since the early 2000s, they have really begun to flourish in the past five years. Podcasts offer an incredible wealth of information, perfect for consuming during our morning school drop off runs and while working out. With their on-the-go versatility, podcasts allow us, and listeners everywhere, to tune-in from wherever we are, without requiring us to be glued to a computer or TV screen. Podcasts also offer the unique opportunity to repurpose audio content into shorter clips that can be used for social media content.

Training and Conference Platforms

As conferences and trainings have shifted to offer both in-person and virtual registration options, online platforms provide a new way for us to attend conferences. Even if we’re tuning in from the comfort of our home office, we now have the opportunity to attend trainings without the expense of traveling. Platforms like Whova and Socio go beyond Zoom and allow attendees to interact in more intimate settings, even providing unique networking and virtual reality functionality that offers an experience comparable to attending in person.

Instant Messaging

While instant messaging is far from a new concept, platforms like Discord and Slack allow us to integrate a variety of different platforms, like Twitter and Dropbox, into one conversation channel. Teams are experiencing increased efficiencies by streamlining different software and apps into one localized spot that allows files, photos, and more, to be shared instantly.