Whether it’s for local initiatives or global causes, the need for collaboration continues to grow as organizations look to reach new audiences, grow brand recognition, and strengthen their communities. From tech to transportation, teams across the world are leveraging the power of collaboration to boost their PR efforts. Keep reading for some of our team’s favorite collaborations.

Allbirds x Adidas

We’re all familiar with the term “fast fashion.” It’s been making headlines for years and the clothing industry is only beginning to change fundamental business practices to reduce the impact it has on the environment (corporate social responsibility anyone)? To kickstart their efforts, Adidas, the athletic and shoe wear company, recently partnered with Allbirds, a sustainable shoe wear and clothing company, to release a limited-edition shoe that clocks in at only 2.94 kg of CO2e (the average carbon emission is about 13.61 kg). By partnering with a brand focused on sustainability, Adidas is slowly shifting its brand reputation to one that is fighting climate change, rather than contributing to it.

Winter is Coming.

As the temperatures begin to dip in cold weather states, it’s the perfect opportunity to make use of the extra time indoors by learning a new language. Thanks to a partnership between Duolingo and HBO Max, Game of Thrones enthusiasts can now learn High Valyrian, the language spoken in Game of Thrones and its prequel House of the Dragon, to become fully immersed in the Game of Thrones fantasy world. This is one of our favorite examples of cross-industry collaborations melding together education and entertainment.

Tour de France from the Comfort of Your Home

Ever wish you were navigating the hairpin turns of the Graian Alps or coasting through the open streets of the Champs-Élysées by bicycle? The world’s premier bike race, le Tour de France, is now within reach right from your home. In 2011, ProForm partnered with Tour de France to release a stationary bike programmed with every stage of the Tour de France. A bike tour around France from the comfort of our living room? Count us in.

Apple Jacks Anyone?

Nickelodean kids rejoice- the popular kid’s TV station began a collaboration with Kellogg’s to create a special box of Apple Jacks featuring green cereal pieces that turn milk green, resembling the infamous Nickelodeon green slime that every 90s kid secretly wishes they were once covered in. While reminiscent for millennials, we’re betting that kids nowadays are equally enthralled by the idea of green milk. Us? Maybe not so much. By combining two of the largest names in kids’ entertainment and breakfast foods, they’ve capitalized on leveraging new market relationships.

Travel Rewards Know No Limits

As travel regains popularity post-pandemic, maximizing on travel points has never been easier. For those looking to score some extra points on their rides to and from the airport, Lyft and Delta SkyMiles released a partnership program to incentive rideshares; Delta SkyMiles members can now earn one mile per dollar spent on Lyft rides, which means flight discounts and upgrades are closer than ever before. Need a quick pick me up? Swing by Starbucks to rack up the points with their newly released partnership with Delta SkyMiles.