We have seen it time and time again. New clients are thrilled at the possibility of using digital marketing to drive leads. We meet, develop marketing plans and implement those plans and then at the end, something is inevitably missing – the ROI, why?

The most common reason is tracking leads and actual customer acquisitions seem to get lost in the shuffle. Trust me, as marketers we want you to be successful and more importantly, we want to prove that our efforts have helped you achieve your goals. That is why the majority of us enter the field. In short, most marketers drink the Kool-Aid, we are programmed to WOO – win others over!

So, help us help you. Before you hire a marketing team to use platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google to increase web traffic to drive sales leads, make sure your sales funnel is air tight.

Here’s four action items that will help ensure your sales funnel is in good working order:

1. Determine who will be receiving the emails or calls driven through lead generation forms and phone numbers


  1. Determine how fast your sales team will commit to responding to those inquiries and stick to that – hell or high water


  1. Determine if your company will invest in Salesforce or go old school and use a Google sheet to track each point of contact after the lead generation form or call was first received


  1. Determine who will communicate the number of new customers on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly, basis to your marketing team


Completing these four action items WILL allow your marketing team to confidently complete the following equation:


Now go beyond the rules – implement, measure and be successful!