As a small but mighty team, we stay busy managing all aspects of our clients’ communications strategies. We certainly understand the importance of efficiency especially when it comes to reporting. Read on to learn about some of the analytics programs we use to boost our productivity and elevate our reporting abilities.

Social Media Scheduling and Reporting

Sprout Social has been our go-to social media software for years. It simplifies scheduling and monitoring but it packs a punch when it comes to its reporting features. After we schedule and publish content, its tagging feature allows us to pull metrics for each of our campaigns or topics. In minutes we can analyze what content is performing best and use those insights to continuously improve our content strategies.

Media Tracking

Tracking media coverage can be a time-suck, especially when coverage extends to the national level. We use Critical Mention to help us track the hundreds of placements we earn for our clients annually. In addition to tracking the placements, it offers some stellar reporting features such as sentiment analysis (negative, neutral, or positive), estimated audience reach, and estimated publicity value. Our clients love knowing the value of their media placements!

Cross-platform Reporting

The newest tool in our arsenal, AgencyAnalytics, is an interactive data aggregator. It allows us to track social media, website, email marketing, and digital ad performance all in one clean cloud-based dashboard. The interface allows us to choose what metrics we want to track, embed images and Google Sheets (for when we need to pull manual data), and update the dashboard’s reporting time frame in a matter of seconds. In our opinion, this platform is far superior and much easier to use than Google Looker Studio.