1On Friday, January 20, 2017, the Conceptual Communications team had the pleasure of dining with Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery at the Coral Springs Museum of Art during the monk’s Sacred Art Tour. From January 17 to 22, the monks created a sacred sand mandala while also offering workshops and an eye-opening culinary experience.


Although we gained a wealth of information about Tibetan culture, we also ended up taking away a great deal about how the monks’ beliefs can translate to digital media marketing. By working toward one goal, everyone can pool their efforts to accomplish it.


The availability of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reinforce the idea of how easy it is to take on too much at once. With so many social media outlets to choose from, there is immense pressure to be on every single one. So here’s a word of advice, don’t do it. Instead, identify which outlets work best for you and the goal you are looking to achieve.


Each day the monks would sit from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with few breaks while creating the Mandala. For them, this is considered a form of meditation. At the end of the week, the resulting Mandala was a beautiful and intricate depiction of the temple of the Buddha of Compassion. This is a tedious task with an incredible amount of detail involved. However, each monk calmly took on their own part of the Mandala to create a masterpiece: their one goal. Similarly, each team member should take on one specific piece of your digital marketing efforts.


The monks worked cohesively toward one goal. By pinpointing which social media outlets work instead of trying to master each 2one, your employees can focus each of their strengths and in-turn improve their individual performance. With this practice, there will be a higher output of work flow and a greater sense of focus. This will make your goal completion all the more rewarding.


Overall, the one-goal mindset promoted by the Tibetan Buddhist monks shows us that there are simple yet effective ways to help your business get the results you desire. Namaste.


To view pictures from our trip to the Coral Springs Museum of Art to attend the Sacred Art Tour, CLICK HERE.