Phrases such as “everything happens for a reason,” and “the stars are aligning,” are often used to express good fortune. Serendipity, the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way, may be more present in our lives than we may realize. Whether it’s protecting others against a wrongdoing or acting against a social issue, serendipitous situations, coupled with action, bring positivity in the most unexpected ways.

Earlier this year in August, serendipity played a role in what could have been a tragedy for one of our clients’ communities. When a man walked into a local Wilton Manors bar holding a grenade, little did he know one of the customers inside was a marine. While being in the right place at the right time played a role, it was the marine’s quick actions to diffuse the situation that ultimately protected the other patrons. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

On a larger scale, think of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign that started back in 2004 before body positivity and acceptance was brought to the forefront. This campaign quickly became one of the most successful public relations campaigns in history. Dove’s early decision to bring the issue of body image to light was a gamble. While the campaign had years of strategizing behind it before going public, there was a bit of chance that played a hand in its receptiveness from the public. Because of the Real Beauty campaign, Dove is internationally known as one of the first major companies seen as an “early-adopter” of body positivity. The Real Beauty campaign has encouraged millions of men and women to be comfortable in their own bodies and has paved the way for companies across the globe to follow suit.

The next time something goes your way, or you make a new, unexpected connection with someone, take a minute to reflect on how serendipity may have played a role- you may just be surprised how often it occurs!