Years ago, the holistic approach to communicating came to light in the healthcare industry. Medical professionals learned to have emotional, factual, intentional, and centered conversations with their patients. This approach has since evolved and is now applicable to the communications field at-large.  By approaching your communications strategy with a holistic mindset, you welcome creativity and fluidity, while providing a human element that ebbs and flows with the needs of your community.

Keep reading for some examples of how we help our clients incorporate emotional, factual, intentional, and centered conversations into their communications and marketing strategies.

Emotional Conversations

Appealing to your audience’s emotions both humanizes your organization’s brand and adds a genuine touch to your messaging. When taking an emotional angle to your strategy, whether to elicit love, anger, motivation, or something in between, it’s important to use it to supplement your message and not go overboard. 

Recently, the Rector at All Saints Episcopal Church in Fort Lauderdale published an op-ed addressing the rise of school gun violence. At a time when school shootings are all too common occurrences, this op-ed touches on both policy and emotions.

Click here to read Mother Leslie’s op-ed.

Factual Conversations

One of the most effective ways of relaying important information is by sticking to the facts, especially when there’s an emergency or crisis. Relying on the facts rather than speculation will help cut through the clutter of false and misinformation.

For example, when we communicate about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine on behalf of the Stamford Department of Health, we explain the health benefits and address the most frequently asked questions from their community. We partnered with two local pediatricians for a recent podcast series to educate the parents about the COVID-19 vaccine for kids ages 6 months to 4 years old.

Click here to view one of the podcast episodes featuring Dr. Ramirez.

Intentional Conversations

Having a plan and strategy goes a long way when crafting effective messaging. Whether you’re informing your audience or providing a direct call to action, being intentional with your efforts provides cohesion, efficiency, and effectiveness.

For instance, to prepare the coastal town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea for hurricane season, our team created a short video that had clear call to actions to help residents prepare for future storm events.

Click here to check out the hurricane preparedness video.

Centered Conversations

Looking to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way? When crafting your next tweet, email newsletter, or website update, practice people-centered messaging. This way of messaging leans heavily on addressing the needs, wants, and interests of your community.

For example, when the City of Wilton Manors celebrated its 75th Anniversary we leaned on members of the community to tell the City’s story. Who better to explain the City’s history than those who lived it

Click here to see the City’s 75th Anniversary video.