Summertime is all about adventure. Exploring new places, family vacations, and getting outdoors. With adventure top of mind, we started thinking about companies that have embraced adventurous leaps in their communications strategies and tactics.

It’s fun to break free from the plug-and-play mold of what a traditional communications campaign should look like and get adventurous! Your communications campaign is the perfect time to get creative and try a new approach- and your following may thank you for changing things up. Getting adventurous gives you the chance to stretch your creative muscles and revamp your communications strategy.

Here are some of our favorite PR campaigns from companies that broke their molds and got adventurous with their strategies.

KFC’s Blurred Out Slogan

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When COVID-19 first hit, millions of companies around the globe promoted health-centric messaging, including KFC. Instead of focusing on the dim state of the world, KFC decided to address the pandemic with a side dish of humor- by blurring out “finger-lickin’” from its slogan.

What we love: the playfulness of this approach during uncertain times while maintain brand consistency.

Burberry Kisses

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In 2013, Burberry partnered with Google and leveraged the power of digital media to allow followers to send virtual kisses, powered by facial recognition to loved ones across the globe. These virtual kisses were sent postcard-style to the receiver’s inbox, and even allowed receivers to follow the journey of the postcard through 3D animation using Google Earth and Streetview.

What we love: the opportunity to connect with loved ones near and far, in an interactive and intimate way.

State Street Global Advisors’ Fearless Girl

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Instead of turning to social media or issuing a press release, State Street Global Advisors took a different approach to addressing gender inequality in the financial industry. Originally situated in front of the “Charging Bull” statue on Wall Street in New York’s financial district, State Street Global Advisors commissioned the “Fearless Girl” statue. Fearless Girl calls attention to the gender gap and pay inequities females experience in the financial industry and reinforces the company’s stance on promoting gender equality.

What we love: how State Street Global Advisors lifted this campaign from a screen and brought a 3D element of art to the heart of New York City.


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Inspired by the movie “Catch Me if You Can,” easyJet took a cinematic approach to their 2018 campaign, appealing to women of all ages and backgrounds to consider a career as a pilot. This campaign focused on closing the gender gap in the aviation industry by sparking female’s interest in pursuing a career as a pilot.

Click here to watch the easyJet campaign.

What we love: recreating a Blockbuster movie by inverting gender roles to bring new perspectives to the workforce.