We’ve all been there. Reading blocks of text and by the end of the article, post, or chapter, we have no idea what the point was. Improving your message’s clarity makes your writing both more understandable and accessible. But how do you get there? Keep reading for some simple ways to make your message crystal clear.

Know What You Want to Say

Whether you jot down a few bullet points or draft out a full-fledged outline, organizing your thoughts will help your writing flow better, and ultimately improve its clarity. For shorter form writing such as social media posts, write down a few words that are essential to the message and craft the rest of the post around those words.

Reduce Fluff Words

Cutting through the clutter is more important than ever. While fluff words add to your word count, they typically don’t add any substance to your message. Why use 10 words when you can use five?

Write in Plain Speak

The average reading comprehension level in the United States is around the eighth grade . Using simple phrases and limiting the use of industry-specific terms can both improve the clarity of your writing and help your message resonate with more people.

Use Visual Elements

Large blocks of text are both unappealing and mentally draining. Adding in visual elements to your message, like videos and graphics, can reinforce the key points of your message while keeping your reader involved. It’s a win-win!

Be Concise

When all else fails, be concise. Setting aside time to re-read your work can help you catch unnecessary words and condense what you’re trying to say.