Fort Lauderdale, FL (January 23, 2017) – The escape room game trend has spread rapidly throughout the United States, and it has even reached a Brazilian reporter. Joy Torres of Universo Online (UOL) taped her visit to THINK Escape Games in November and tested out her puzzle-solving skills.


In the video, Torres spoke with co-founder Shannon Best about how the escape rooms work. She had a blast with her group attempting to solve each clue and escape the room in the allotted 60 minutes. Torres was excited to try out this craze, saying “I don’t have any idea what is going to happen, but I want to see if I’m good at it.”


“We encourage people to explore the rooms, touch everything and look at the items. You have to solve clues unlock locks, and just have fun,” Best said in the video. “If you want to escape the room on time, we find there’s three keys to success here: communication, teamwork and time management.”


Torres noted that the premise of escape rooms was created 10 years ago in Asia, and the general idea is to see how smart you are – through testing out your intelligence and finding hidden objects.


With rooms such as The Laboratory and The Study, Fort Lauderdale’s THINK Escape Games has provided a variety of one-of-a-kind challenging and fun puzzles that lay out the groundwork for team building skills.


“We construct all of our rooms from scratch – so each element is completely authentic,” says Greg Kormendi, co-founder of Fort Lauderdale’s THINKEscape Games and QQuest Escape Games in Pompano Beach. “Our authentic approach attracts many different types of customers, from birthday celebrations, to bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate teams and everything in between.”


Since THINK’s founding, companies such as Citrix, Toyota, Sun Trolley, Royal Caribbean, Fresh Point, Macy’s, American Express and the City of Coconut Creek have participated in corporate team building experiences at the space.


Torres summed up the escape room experience best, in Portuguese: “If you like strong emotions and to solve mysteries, here is the place. Bring your family and friends and even co-workers. You are going to have fun.”


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