City of Parkland

Case Study


After providing crisis communications services to the City of Parkland following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, city staff asked us to develop a campaign to help the community continue to heal.


  • Put the community first
  • Don’t fast forward or interrupt the healing process
  • Remind residents that the City of Parkland is more than just a place where tragedy struck


    • With the intention of highlighting what makes Parkland special, we developed the #ThisIsParkland campaign.
    • Over the course of a couple weeks, our team visited the parks and neighborhoods capturing photos of residents experiencing the city’s many amenities and beautiful landscapes.
    • We launched the campaign on Instagram and invited every resident to take pride in their city, their home

    The Results

    Within a couple months, residents caught on to the #ThisIsParkland campaign. Today, the campaign continues to spark positive engagement and runs purely on user-generated content.

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