City of Stamford Department of Health and Human Services

Case Study
COVID-19 PrevenTION 


To develop a public health campaign to educate all residents, especially vaccine-hesitant populations, about the COVID-19 vaccine and prevention tools.


  • Avoid using scare tactics
  • Encourage people to ask questions 
  • Present data to help residents make informed decisions about their health 
  • Use trusted community voices in healthcare
  • Measure campaign effectiveness to meet the grant requirements 



  • Developed the “I Got Mine” campaign. Local doctors, healthcare professionals, community and church leaders, residents, and volunteers shared why they got their COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Created dedicated campaign landing pages, FAQs, flyers and collateral for each target audience.
  • Coordinated with door-to-door street team and phone bank to receive regular updates on what questions and concerns the public had so we could continuously tailor our messaging. 
  • Managed an organic and paid social media campaign.
  • Provided toolkits to community partners.
  • Placed Spanish and English op-eds on behalf of local doctors.
  • Developed multiple PSA’s for television and streaming campaigns.
  • Produced podcast episodes with local healthcare and city leaders. 

The Results

Since beginning our work with the City of Stamford Department of Health and Human Services in June 2021, we have seen a 24% increase in COVID-19 vaccine rates in SVI tracts, a 16% increase among young adults (ages 18-24), a 34% increase among Hispanic residents, and a 22% increase among Black residents.


digital audience growth


video thru-plays

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