Case Study
Digital Marketing Campaign


Manage the Fortune 500’s nationwide digital media strategy in more than a dozen key market locations.


  • Lean on market research
  • Mirror sales targets with our digital strategy
  • Educate key decision makers at target long-term care facilities and hospitals
  • Highlight leaders within the company who were well-respected in the long-term care industry
  • Create a funnel to measure KPIs for all digital marketing tactics


    • Managed organic content strategy on eight social media feeds representing three separate long-term care verticals

    • Implemented a targeted paid digital media campaign strategy to increase potential and existing customer engagement

    • Created video content and long-form posts to highlight PharMerica’s industry excellence, continuing education programming, and client support services

    • Established a lead-generation funnel using LinkedIn

    • Trained sales team on LinkedIn best practices

    • Created executive report detailing KPI’s across all digital media efforts

    The Results

    Our strategy was successful because we leaned on the data. By identifying which content performed the best, our digital strategy continued to exceed expectations and drive results.


    increase in webinar sign-ups


    Increased Flu and COVID-19 prevention guide downloads

    Increased social media engagement annually

    new web users per year