Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

Case Study
Downtown Enhancement Project


Get the word out to residents and visitors that the businesses in the downtown corridor will remain open throughout the four-month improvement project.


  • Support downtown businesses  
  • Develop clear messaging for patrons
  • Stay true to the Town’s charming brand style and elements
  • Communicate the need for the improvements
  • Celebrate the milestones along the way



  • Created a project launch video with the mayor that was shown to local patrons and day-trip visitors.
  • The campaign leaned heavily on paid and organic digital media content to remind residents and visitors that businesses were open throughout the construction.
  • Print media channels were also used. We developed business window posters, street signage, postcards mailed to every home and business, and flyers- we left no stone unturned when it came to getting the word out about this project.
  • Weekly project updates were shared on the Town’s digital media channels.

The Results

Sharing project updates frequently, we stayed ahead of the messaging curve. Community group pages and blogs shared the information we were distributing to celebratory acclaim. The community was so well informed that when someone shared a false claim, it was immediately met with a resident response correcting the misinformation.

reach on social media


positive community response rate

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