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Islamorada Transmission Main Replacement Project


Manage public communications and outreach for the Islamorada Transmission Main Replacement Project, a two-year project replacing a four-mile stretch of 40-year old pipeline with a larger, cathodically protected main.

The project scope

  • Replacing five miles of existing 40-year-old water main with a new cathodically protected water main (first segment in 130-mile linear water main).
  • Installing 1,750 feet of pipe underwater via directional drill at Whale Harbor Crossing.
  • Installing 900 feet of pipe underwater via directional drill at Tea Table Crossing.


  • Educate the public on why this infrastructure project is timely and necessary
  • Develop an overarching, recognizable campaign theme
  • Establish communication channels with local PIOs, business owners, HOAs, churches, and nonprofits
  • Ensure all communications are ADA compliant and accessible to all


  • Created “Four Miles For Water…It’s Worth It,” a multi-faceted campaign
  • Established dedicated phone number and email address to track all customer inquiries
  • Filmed videos at the work site to highlight key project milestones, safety reminders, and traffic advisories
  • Recorded podcast episodes to educate the public on the importance of hardening infrastructure
  • Used the videos, photos, and podcasts as the creative for high-performing organic and paid campaigns on Facebook, X, and YouTube to keep the community informed on project progress and real-time traffic updates
  • Respond to social media comments and direct messages in real time to prevent the spread of misinformation
  • Designed and mailed postcards to every customer in the affected project area at key project intervals
  • Partnered with the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce to host a well-attended community forum with all local businesses in the project area
  • Implemented a proactive local public relations strategy that led to regular articles and placements in local TV, radio, and print publications
  • Designed presentations for local council meetings and project announcements for other community partners
  • Created an email marketing database to communicate with customers who opt in for project alerts
  • Shared how the new water main will abide by the Environmental Protection Agency’s newly updated Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) requirements

The Results

The “Four Miles For Water…It’s Worth It” public outreach campaign has garnered positive attention, strengthened relationships with the Chamber and Village Councils, and has kept customers informed throughout the project. 

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